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Mobile apps for Apple and Android
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Apps for Apple and Android

When most people think of an app, this is what they're looking for. Mole develops apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets, and we're experienced in managing the process. we'll talk you through the options, the platforms and the financial decisions, and make sure your app development and release is pain-free.

'Limited release' in-house apps

If you're looking to deliver an app to a defined group of people - for example, your sales team - we can talk you through the process. Our experience of developing apps for worldwide sales teams means that we know the pros and cons of the different routes.

Web apps

We also develop web apps. These are simply websites optimised to work well on mobile platforms, and saved to the user's device desktop as an icon. Sometimes a web app is the best option - we'll make sure you know if this is the case! 

App development -video-based app
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