We're e-learning specialists. We can help you to understand how to bring e-learning to life and create truly effective online learning materials.

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E-Learning Strategy

There's more to e-learning than just popping some materials online. Who are your learners? Why will they learn and what do they want to achieve? How can you create the best online learning experience for them? We bring a genuine academic grounding in e-learning to our consultancy and strategy work.

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Learning Management Systems

To deliver e-learning, you need a website platform. Our Learning Management System provides just that. Delivering courses, assessments, portfolios and reflective exercises is easy. Used by 1000s of learners every year, our LMS provides a safe online home for your courses.

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E-learning contents

We plan, write and build courses, create whizzy interactive contents, and help training providers to find ways to bring their learning experiences to life online. Let us work with you to turn your ideas into an online reality!

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Mole Medical and Healthcare

E-learning development
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