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Creating compelling contents

We know how to create contents for online learning courses which really work. We can work with existing contents to turn them into interactive learning experiences, or help to create contents specifically for the web from scratch. Either way, we'll be bringing our experience and academic understand of the learning process, along with our digital skills, to help you to develop really great online courses.

Building interactive exercises and animations

Our expert digital teams use all of the web, video and animation skills to create exciting elements for online modules. Whether you're looking to update an existing module with some new contents or to create a module from scratch, our interactive tools and exercises will really help to bring your contents to life. Quizzes, games, animations of complex ideas and procedures, reflection and application to practice - all bring your content to life.

Creating your 'house style'

If you're at the beginning of your e-learning journey, we can help you to create a style and a structure to your online courses. From planning the brand and designing the template, to planning course structures and the balance of exercises and content, we can help you get off to a flying start. 

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