E-learning strategy

We'll make sure that your e-learning hits the spot, from planning your platform to devising programmes and course templates.

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E-learning strategy
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What is e-learning strategy?

There's so much more to e-learning that taking some materials and popping them online. Every online learning situation is different, and to get the best out of it you need a properly planned strategy. Who are your learners and what are they looking to achieve? Where and how will they learn? What environment will suit them best? How should your learning experiences be structured? What assessment will work, and how can you make the assessment part of the learning? Does your learning fit with the CPD needs of your learners? All these questions and more need to be considered - and we can help!

Our experience and credibility

Mole brings a wealth of experience which gives us the credibility to be able to advise and guide clients through the process. Our experience of online learning spans more than a decade, so we've got practical, hands-on knowledge of what has worked. Add to this a solid academic grounding (Mole director Nicola Ashton has an MSc in E-learning) and you'll know you're in safe hands. Let us walk you through the maze of understanding learning online, and help you find the right path.

How we can help

We work with clients in many ways to help with their e-learning strategies. We can come in as external consultants to help you plan and prepare your e-learning strategy based on the very best practice and latest academic thinking. If you work with Mole to create your platform and contents, we'll work you through the process and provide all our expert guidance along the way. Whether you would like us to help plan the experience, create templates for modules, or put in place processes to review and update contents, talkĀ to us about how we can help.

E-learning content development
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