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Educational and training videos
Bring education to life with a well-scripted video ...

Full service, from script to edit

Not sure where to start? We'll work with you to break down the messages and work out how to portray them on video. From here we'll plan and script your video, film and create your edit. Presenters, actors, studios and green screens - whatever it needs, we can arrange it. More than 15 years experience of creating educational videos means that we know what works and how to get your messages across.

Specialist graphics and animations

The more complicated the concept, the more graphics and animations can help. We plan and create compelling animations to help explain the most complex concepts. Our past work has ranged from electricity generation to the lymphatic system, from 3D visualisations of buildings to the cardiovascular system of the newborn. Let's talk about how we can bring your topic to the screen.

Live and on-demand presentations and webcasting

Sometimes education is as simple as getting the right person in front of the audience. Our live and on-demand presentations and webcasts get your speaker and their slides in front of a worldwide audience. Whether it's a simple presentation with slides for your website, or a live webcast to thousands of people across the globe, we've done it before and we can help you make your videos a success. 

Educational medical video animation
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