Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The technology behind the smooth delivery of online learning.

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Learning management systems
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What is an LMS?

The LMS is the platform which delivers your online learning content. If you're looking to deliver courses online, chances are you'll need a way for people to register, possibly pay, and work through course content. You'll maybe want assessments and certificates. Reflective exercises and action planning. And all the management systems behind the scenes. Our LMS does all this and more - on a platform that's used by 1000s of learners every year.

Delivering contents and assessments

Mole's LMS is powerful and flexible. The learning contents you can deliver allow you to create powerful learning experiences - including video, animations, reflective exercises, written work, quizzes and collaborative forums and wikis. If your courses are assessed, we provide a flexible and fully manageable online assessment system for delivering mutliple choice questions, matched answers, case studies, written work and more. We're also passionate about making online assessment more effective - ask us how certainty-based marking can turn the humble MCQ from a tick box exercise into an additional part of the learning cycle.

Reporting and metrics

Our LMS provides you with a full suite of metrics and reports. So, whether you're using the stats to help you review and improve your courses, or providing feedback to course sponsors, you'll find all the data you need. Quickly and easily generate reports on users, activity levels, course progress, feedback, pass rates and more.

Reporting and metrics for e-learning
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