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15 years of medical experience...

Video for medical education

We've been creating medical education videos for more than 15 years. We know what clinicians and patients need, and we understand how to work to achieve this. We're used to the medical environment and the pressures everyone faces, and our experienced teams can slot seamlessly in to plan and film your educational contents.

Wide-ranging medical experience

Wound care, diabetes, oncology, midwifery, urgology, optometry, gastroenterology - and more. Our wide-ranging experience means that we're great at getting to grips with new fields quickly and efficiently, and we know how to communicate medical concepts effectively. We understand the pharma environment too - from the requirements of the ABPI to the pressures on marketeers, we know what you're facing and we can work with you to make your project a success.

From patients to consultants

Most importantly, our crews know how to work in a medical environment. We've worked with surgeons and consultants, and understand the time pressures they face. We've interviewed doctors and nurses, and we know how to help them craft their message on camera. And we're great at putting patients at ease, helping to draw out their stories and help them feel comfortable in front of camera.

Medical animations
How we can help ...

Expert Q&A and presentations

Peer-to-peer education is hugely powerful. From talking heads to full presentations with animated graphics, we work with healthcare professionals to create educational materials for use online and in person. We've created suites of online presentations for clinician CPD, expert Q&A for presentations, training tools for product sales teams. We know how to help clinicians find their voice and give an excellent presentation - and we have some great ways to package your content up online or in an app.

Medical animations

Bring medical concepts to life through animation. From concept to creation, we can provide the scripting, illustrations and animation to bring complex medical processes and procedures to the screen. Our work has included the wound healing process, cellular changes, the lymphatics system, skeletal problems, the cardiovascular system in the newborn, the conjugation of bilirubin, and more. Got an idea? Let's talk about how to make it reality!

Surgery filming

If you're looking to create surgical videos, you need a team who have experience of filming in theatre. We have crews with experience of just that. They know the environment, and what they can and can't do, and know how to work with surgeons to make sure that we capture the video you need, without ever presenting an additional burden in the operating theatre. 

Medical educational video
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