Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your site to reach your target audience
Search engine optimisation
Be seen, be found, be successful ...

Building SEO in from the beginning

We only offer SEO to our own clients. That's because SEO needs to be a part of every stage of developing your website - if you bolt it on at the end , it costs more and is far less successful. We'll build SEO in right from the start - we don't code a line until we know what our SEO targets are. We'll research your audience and agree the target phrases with you, and then everything flows from here. 

An integral part of website coding

There are no shortcuts to successful SEO. it's about how you code your website, how you structure and name your files - making sure that your website is search-engine friendly from the start. Get this right, and you're a step ahead already - the perfect platform for adding your great content.

Optimising your contents for search engines

Content, content, content - that's what it's all about. To do well on the search egines, you need sparkling copy that's optimised for your key phrases - and the expertise to know how to structure this content. We write copy, and we'll also happily optimise your own copy to make it attractive to the likes of Google. 

Optimising web contents
Tracking and optimising SEO ...

Measuring SEO performance

Implement, measure, revise ... SEO is a constant cycle of test and measurement. Once your site launches, we can provide regular SEO reporting to monitor progress. This lets us all see what's working, and where things need an extra helping hand. We'll then plan and manage the necessary improvements to get your site moving up the rankings. 

Improving visitor numbers and quality

Don't mistake visitor numbers for quality! For most site, conversion is key. We'll work together to understand what your site really needs to achieve, and how to drive quality traffic your way. Sometimes less can be more - targeted visitors can provide you with a higher level of conversions and ultimately more business. Let's explore the options together.  

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