Strategy and support

As your digital partner, we're looking for a long-term relationship. From planning your digital strategy to keeping your website at the top of its game, our support will help keep you on track.
Analytics support and reporting - web development

Digital strategy planning

Mole works with organsations to help plan their overall digital strategy. When you need a bigger picture of how your digital comms will work together, we can help you to create a plan for your web, video, social media and email communications.

Measuring website success

How will you know if your website is a success? We'll help you to work out what you want to achieve and to plan the measures which will help you to track this.

Social media support

Confused by the world of social media? Not sure whether you should be using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or something completely different?! Mole knows social media - and we also know how to explain it to the terrified. We'll walk you through the different platforms available, help you select the right one(s) for your audience, and get you set up and running with some sensible, manageable plans.

Mole drive web strategy - testimonial
Ongoing support to help you stay on track

Regular reporting - keeping your eye on the goal

The most successful websites are run by people who constantly measure, improve, and measure again. Based on the key indicators we agree with you at the beginning, we'll provide regular reporting on website performance: what's working, what needs improving, what could be tweaked. We'll review your search enging performance, and we can even keep an eye on the competition for you. Monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually - it's your website, and we'll do what works for you.

A long-term partnership

We're really proud of the long-term relationships we build with our customers. We've got customers who've been with us since our first year in business, and plenty of others who we've worked with for more than a decade. For us, it's all about the long-term relationship - a great way to work for both you and us!

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